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descriptionHey Guys, I'm new

Hey Guys,
I'm MarsIndustries, this is my youtube channel: youtube . com / user / themars2011 (sorry for the space but yea im not allowed to post links lol), as you may have noticed, I'm also developing my own game, and I also have some free animated weapons on my channel. If you have any  questions feel free to ask Smile

descriptionRe: Hey Guys, I'm new

Hey MarsIndustries, nice to meet you, I hope you stay on the forum for a long time.
I checked out your channel, I would like to encourage you to post some of your projects onto the forum as I am certain that they will help other Unity users. Example. your car physics.
You might also be interested in this : Seeking Team Members -> New Developer Searching Team

--New Developer
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