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descriptionAny android example game?

is there any good android examples?
thanx everyone.

descriptionRe: Any android example game?

Well here is a cool source project I found, by just making a google search:

descriptionRe: Any android example game?

thanx but not fps Very Happy

descriptionRe: Any android example game?

yeah! i need this one too Smile thanks admin!

it would be nice if someone can give us an educational basic android game package

descriptionHere u go!


Unity Android Game Development by Example Beginner's Guide - eBook

Download Link :
Project Download Link:

- Enter the increasingly popular mobile market and create games using Unity 3D and Android
- Learn optimization techniques for efficient mobile games
- Clear, step-by-step instructions for creating a complete mobile game experience
- Set up a development environment to work with both Unity and Android
- Import and work with the basic building blocks of a game: meshes, materials, and animations
- Utilize particles and sound effects to provide feedback to the player
- Adjust camera effects and game logic to create 2D games
- Interface with touch and tilt inputs to create custom control systems
- Set up path finding to create intelligently moving characters
- Successfully create custom graphical interfaces
- Set up and utilize physics to create a mobile game classic
- Create dynamically lit scenes using lightmaps
- Understand the best choices for optimizing a game for the mobile platform

Some Other

E-Books :


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