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descriptionHow to make an enemy look like something?

I know that title was confusing, however, I think I can explain it. Let's start from the beginning, I entered the 72 hour #indiesvspewdiepie game jam and I have an idea for the game (no spoilers Very Happy ) but I don't want my enemies to be a capsule. So, is there a way to make the capsule look like something instead of a capsule, like a humanoid or something?

-One Knife Games

descriptionRe: How to make an enemy look like something?

Firstly, you would want to get rid of or hide any visual renderers for your controller, or player, in this case the capsule graphics. Now as for adding a animated model, well if you don't know how to import models and animations, what my unity basics tutorial. Then once you have a model, animated or not you can assign this to your player controller, its all tied into the unity basics.. I don't recommend you jump into dev challenges if you dont know how to do something as simple as this.
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