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descriptionGame Ideas?

I have recently finished making a game and would like to start working on my next one. However, I can't think of any good, unique types of games. So, if you guys could help me come up with some 3D game ideas that'd be great. If you are confused by what I mean "Game ideas" I mean the story, who the character is, where the character is, stuff like that.

-One Knife Games

descriptionRe: Game Ideas?

Make an FPS! jk.
You should make a post in the 'Seeking team members' section, in search of a person to design the plot. However altough your question is too broad, I think it'd be refreshing to see someone make an arial-view zombie shooter, something similar to 'Dead Nation' a game in which i really enjoyed.. just an idea to throw out there.

descriptionRe: Game Ideas?

You can implement a character riding a bicycle and the zombie dogs coming in from all directions and the bicycle is motion controlled while you have to tap to kill the zombie dogs.
A nice idea for a mobile game. Can also be modified a lil to run on pcs.

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