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descriptionGreetings to all

Greetings to all.
I am Laxan, a female, Uk resident, 21.
I've have recently completed a Game Art Degree at a 2.1 with hons (and I still consider myself a noob), that involved 3D Modelling, mild Animation, concept art and working with the UDK Engine.

I am currently in the process of creating my first free indie horror game on Unity called The Flames. Being new to Unity I looked up a few tutorials for a bit of research and watched MisterNinjaBoy's Beginner's tutorial and straight away I picked it up, so thanks for the great tutorial.

Decided to join here too, so I could get a bit of advice and information off people when the time arrives that Youtube isn't enough. Later in the date I will be creating a thread and posting updates so those who are interested can follow along in the building of the game.

(I know this is an essay bare with me, I would say TL:DR too)

Also just wishing to say I am willing to volunteer with asset creation for some of your games if you need the help, from complex characters to asset grunt work. I'm building a portfolio to help apply into the industry so I will do the work for free so long as I am allowed permission to use the assets for my work portfolio.

Email me at: Charltonr(at) for any of your asset creating needs. <3

That is all. ~Laxan

descriptionRe: Greetings to all

Hey! Welcome to the community! I hope you enjoy your stay here and find the community helpful, and I also really look forward to see some video content or even a demo of The Flames! Be sure to keep us posted with your project in the showcase section.

descriptionRe: Greetings to all

Hey Welcome Laxan! It's cool to see that you already have modeling skills. If you do indeed post models on the forum it will help people without the knowledge that you have and everyone else. Art inside games is always a good factor to take in as you play. Modeling has been always a difficult thing to grasp for some people. I will most definitely keep tabs on the flames
It will be interesting to see what becomes of it. Please do post a topic asking questions if you need help with scripting, effects, or anything else in Unity, using Unity you have the following langs; JavaScript (using the Unity libraries), C# (It's like C except a tad different), Boo script (Unity script basically)
Best regards!

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