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descriptionCode Extinction! New FPS/zombie survival! Looking for Devs

Heya People,

I was wondering if there are some people here that wanna help me code and design my first bigger project. I maked a few fun games for my friends and things like that and im ready for the next step i think. I started creating my first Multiplayer game. An zombie game like the title says. Its gonna be a dangerous envirement with special zombies, AI creatures. Cars and most of all enemy players.

My plan for this game is to make it pretty big. I hope when i get enough support that i can go earn some money on the game. As for right now it is pure for fun!

I am looking for devs to help me create the game and have a fun time with. Since im relatively new to most people starting with unity. I am using it for 6 months now and still lack some knowledge but im bursting with good ideas for the game. Realisticly i cant do this one my own. If you deside to help me you have to do it for free. But if the game is an succes and might have potential to get a commersive use then ofcourse you guys will also get your fair share of the profit,

Im looking for basicly anyone willing to help. From Coders to animators and even photoshoppers for custom textures adn game banners etc etc. Also i need people for audio and voice acting.

I havent even started coding yet. Right now im just making the map that the game is gonna be in. It is gonna be pretty big and an openworld. It is gonna have a loot system in it where you can find randomly gen items which you can use to survive against players and zombies. Aswell as chests ans maybe safezones to store your stuff in. Pretty big ideas like you can see.

Post here on the forums if you wanan help me code this Smile Thank you!

descriptionRe: Code Extinction! New FPS/zombie survival! Looking for Devs

il help you

descriptionI am Willing to Possibly help

Depending on what you need done i might be able to help just need some tasks and i'd be honored to help see your game through and work with you. Godspeed fellow developer. Also i was wondering if you make your own 3d models if so with what software?

descriptionalready got a decent scene

i got a hand and a M14A1 Attached to the hand i got some zombie models will be added to the game i want to be a cod zombies typed of thing so am i in?
i can give u the project but im not on unity pro im using
unity 4.6.9 Free With a Terrain Default.

add me on skype:dextrux1
The waldo one on skype

im from asia Philippines Time
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