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descriptionNeed some help with my game

so im new and i want to start big shit
i already made a game with a friend(hes great with this but not very nice and helpful dont tell him i said that)
here it is
think he even made a video on the game(took all the credit Sad )
so i started to make my own game
the i have a bit...a small amount of.....alot..of problems
so i just need some one to help through skype(when done with the game i will give you credit....unlike my friend)
by the way im a HUGEprocrastinator...and im 16 sound like im 14 and i go to school...sadly anyway ill take any help i could get so please help! thx Smile

descriptionRe: Need some help with my game

What types of problems you should know my skype look to your left and near the bottom. Oh no a little up... up ok now hover over the skype logo... There. Now you got my skype name. When adding me let me know who you are cause I may not remember.

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