Hello it's been a while since I was on this forum but I'm back!!!

Anyway, I was making a simple game in Unity and I wanted the user to be able to post messages to Facebook and Twitter you know just a simple text saying, "Hey, I got this score" and other stuff too. So, I browsed the internet a bit and I found a plugin on Unity's asset store named "Social Networking" or something like and I read the description and it was all I wanted but little do I knew it was not free it cost like $65 and if you're poor like me 65 bucks is a lot and I mean A LOT!!!!! Next, since I'm a programmer I decided to write my own plugin for it(what the hell right?) and I did, it was smooth sailing and works perfectly so I thought that many developers like myself would like to integrate their games with Social Networking sites(Twitter and Facebook) and the best part for FREE(depends on your reply to this post). With the plugin you would be able to post messages to Facebook and Twitter.

Finally, if anyone wants this plugin either reply to this post or PM me.

PS. The plugin would eventually evolve depending on your needs and requests

Ninjaboy follower(A programmer at Master Developers studios)

Credit to Master Developers Studios