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description'Sup guys?! :D

My name is Alexander, I'm 17 and I'm from a "not so small" contry called Romania in Europe.
I am using Unity 3D since June last year and I know some basic stuff. My weakness is programming. I work in Blender 3D to. Right now I am making a 2D platformer shooting game for Android with my team #Reddox and in a week we'll start to work on our new 3D adventure & action game. Smile

I found this forum in a description of a video witch was made, I think, by the Admin of this forum and I am here to help and to be helped. Sorry if I wrote something wrong, my English isn't so good! Very Happy

descriptionRe: 'Sup guys?! :D

Welcome Alex!

descriptionRe: 'Sup guys?! :D

welcome to the forums
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