I am currently looking around for Unity developers opinion about an idea of mine which I hope would help them build projects more easily and quickly.

In short, I have been setting up Unity Assets Servers and Cache Servers since last week, and it dawned on me that perhaps most developers don't want to have to set this up (I don't mind since I have done lots of server setups in the past).

Further more, organisation and project managements as well as rights managements (for the Assets Server) through Unity is... well, not great.

So why not offer this as a service, online?

I think this would be great because:

1. No servers to set up yourself
2. You get an interface to manage orgs and projects
3. You would be able to manage rights more easily: create admins for all projects in an organisation, or admins per project, etc.

Problem is, I have only limited experience with the Assets Server as an end-user. My questions would be:

1. Would you even use such service? Are you using Unity Pro?
2. Are you already using Assets/Cache server? Would what I suggest sound better and simpler to use?
3. Any other thoughts?

Any feedback would be more than welcome. If this would be as useful and simple as I think it would be to other game devs, I would be more than happy to build it.