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descriptionDecompiling Assets from a Web Player File

you will need these:
google chrome
.NET reflector (found on many torrent sites)
unity editor utils

first step:
1. open up the webplayer in google chrome (the webplayer/game does not need to be running).
2. right-click just outside the webplayer's window and select view source (or use Customise-->More Tools-->View Source, if the webplayer defaults to use chrome's fullscreen).
3. look in the source for the name of the unity3d file to load (eg: somegame.unity3d)
4. highlight this filename and copy it (ctrl-c)

5. next, in the url bar of chrome, append the url with this (ctrl-v)
if the chrome's url ends in *******.html, swap it
if the chrome's url ends in "/", just add the copied filename to the end
6. delete the "view-source:" from the beginning of the url.
7. hit ENTER.
8. the unity3d file will be downloaded to your default download folder.

next step... disunity:
9. create a folder called disunity and place the program contents there.
10. copy the unity3d file into that folder too.
11. open up the command prompt as admin.
12. first run..... DISUNITY BUNDLE-EXTRACT somefile.UNITY3D

this will extract all DLLs and storedassets, and place them in a folder of the same name
as the unity3d file.

13. secondly..... DISUNITY EXTRACT somefile.UNITY3D
this will extract all asset from with the storedassets' file(s), and also store them in the newly created folder.

NOTE: do NOT close this command prompt window. it will be used later.

next step:
14. create an empty project in unity. add a folder called scenes, and save the project
15. rename mainData and all levels to have the .unity filetype (eg: mainData.unity; level2.unity)
16. copy these newly named unity files into your project in the folder called scenes, and then wait for unity to refresh.
17. do NOT save the scenes, and do NOT open the scenes.

next step:
18. create a folder called Editor.
19. copy the contents of the Editor folder from the Unity Editor Utils in that folder. [ignore the warnings]
20. from a new menu called "Custom" select create list.
21. select the shardedassets(n) file.
22. save the list somwhere rememberable (in the same folder would be great).
23. next, select from the Custom menu... import assets from list.
24. choose the list you just created.
25. wait for it to do its stuff.

next step:
26. open up the DLLs in NET reflector, and export the source files.
[this is too much to explain here. but, HowTo's can be easily googled]
27. move these files into your assets/scripts folder (if you haven't made a folder yet... make one)

next step:
28. if disunity extracted *.asset files, copy them to your ProjectSettings folder, and overwrite if prompted.

next step:
29. back in the command prompt type DISUNITY FIXREFS project_path+assets+scenes+mainData.unity
30. do the same for all other scenes saved.
this will fix most of the asset references.

next step:
31. Save the scenes and projects, and MANUALLY fix any misreferenced ambiguities.



This method will extract all meshes, textures, audio, animationdata (mecanim), materials, shaders, scripts, and scenes....etc.
It will NOT export particle systems or animated/rigged models.

It is a little hard, But You can post Your Problems or Bugs you face here I'll try to resolve it.

[Remember to Say Big Thanks


descriptionRe: Decompiling Assets from a Web Player File

Thanks alot

descriptionis this out of date?

is this out of date i had a methode to do this and it no longer functions or im greatly mistaken

i tryed this seem pretty run of the mill minorly complicated but over all achivable
but i get nothing from bundle extract
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