Good afternoon here !

This is my very first post here Rolling Eyes

I'm playing with the new GUI system

I'm trying to move a cube while I left click on a button.

I could achieve that with a simple combination of Pointer Down/Pointer Up with a boolean... but as I have a tons of buttons I would like to simply my code.

So I found that launching my moveCube() function throught an "Update Selected" Event Trigger (from the inspector) is working very well.
Then you can stop the loop by clicking once again somewhere else.
But how to stop it with a "Pointer Up" ?

I found a dirty solution (i don't even understand why it's working) , but I would like a cleaner one Cool

Here is the dirty way :
- Add a "Pointer Up"
- Object = "eventSystem"
- Function = TouchInputModule/DeactivateModule

Thanks in advance.