Hello all!

I'm a 17 years old hobby programmer and game maker from Sweden. I have been programming for about a year and a half. I started by learning some simple HTML and made alot of website layouts, and then I moved on to JS and with help from HTML, I made my first game ever for the browser. After ALOT of different small games, I wanted to move on. I decided to learn Java. I got pretty deep into it, but until then I never used any game engine or library. When I learned about (the awesome) Unity I quickly went back to JS and started learning making games in both 2d and 3d in this wonderful game engine Very Happy
SO.. I have been using Unity for about 4 months, and continue to make games when I have the time. (I'm pretty busy with school)

On UnityNinja, I hope to find some cool people to share and learn stuff about our game engine.

Here is a cookie for my fellow game makers <3

I am a programmer. I make computer go beep boop beep beep boop.