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descriptionunity on the web

Is there an Idiots guide to putting a unity game on the web. I've done searches and tried all the different ways I've found and none seem to work. Some assume I know PHP,HTML, and where to place files, etc. Some just don't work at all. My website uses wordpress. None of the plug-ins work. I even tried using a separate subdomain outside of wordpress.

Can someone publish a:
1. do this
2. do this
last. TA-DA

descriptionRe: unity on the web

How to embed Unity web player content in Wordpress without plugins

It’s a simple enough process.

Firstly you need your web player files hosted somewhere. Both the .html file and the .unity3d file.
We used our own web host. ( Just needed to edit the mime file types to serve .unity3d files )

We decided to strip some of the formatting from the .html file (e.g. the Header & Footer) but you don’t have to.

Then when you want to embed it you simply use an iFrame.

<iframe id=”" name=”" src=”(htmlfile)” marginheight=”0″ frameborder=”0″ width=”670″ height=”460″ scrolling=”no”></iframe>

The width and height have to at least match that of your built web player, otherwise it won’t fit inside the iframe.

It works by embedding the default web player page into the iframe.

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