I'm a Cisco networking engineer who recently got tasked with teaching 2 game design courses at the college where I work.  They felt programming a router was the same as any other programming and BAM I am now teaching game design.  Well, actually it was not that bad.  I am a huge gamer and have some experience in C++ and Swift so I was more than willing to switch sides and play with software for a change.

I am working now to create a 2D and 3D game design class and I picked Unity as I felt after looking into it that Unity has many more books, tutorials and assets available than Unreal does which can help the students get into indie game development easier.  

I am sure I will be posting questions about what I should include in different portions of the class and bugging you guys for help and tips.  I want the two classes to be fun and allow the students to create a few short games like the ones on the Unity tutorial page.  I know my wife was amazed when I worked through those and showed her.  I want the students to get that "I created something from nothing" feeling from the class when they show their friends and family what they created in class.

That about wraps it up.  I'm an older guy (late 40's) who has been a gamer since early commodore-64 days and am finally happy I will be taking a more active role and actually working on them in the future.